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So this is something that i thought of after reading that last post (yeah, i read it after i reblogged it instead of waiting…)

why miles morales is popular (in part)
  • he’s not threatening in the slightest
  • he’s a tiny kid with big eyes
  • he’s desexualized in the narrative as he is a child and thusly not playing on age old stereotypes as the sexually-aggressive black male in culture/media that has always been used as a threat and the reasoning behind the treatment of african american men in america from slaver to this day (why the go to criminal in fake cases is this strange big black man as opposed to a white dude)
  • he’s drawn in such a way that emphasizes the fact that he’s young and he’s cute and harmless as shit
  • you’re made to feel bad for him often because of the narrative
  • he doesn’t technically exist because the ultimates earth isn’t the main marvel earth (but let’s see what happens when they touch on Miles in the 616)
  • he’s not actually usurping or threatening anyone’s position because a) 616 is the main verse and b) we all know that the second they can, they’ll bring peter back into that universe

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On the popularity of Miles Morales

by spacetwinks

When Miles Morales happened, there was an internet reaction. To be more accurate, there was an internet shitstorm, the kind you get when BIG, IMPORTANT THINGS happen to superheroes the general public actually knows about, or knows of, at least. You had people turning out in droves who hadn’t read a comic in years, if ever, going on about how Peter was being killed off for ‘political correctness’, ‘liberal agenda’, ‘affirmative action’, with a bunch of racist slurs compounding the whole thing. These people, of course, didn’t know that Pete was only dead in an alternate universe, but sometimes this didn’t even matter. There were a lot of hardcore comic fans who felt the same way, that Pete HAD to be Spider-Man, alternate universe be damned, or they were still (understandably) angry over the death of Pete in the first place.

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If you have ever heard our podcast, if you haven't you should, we often talk
about Ultimate Spider-Man, Miles Morales. Well guess what?! We got the man that draws Miles as such a badass. That's right the one and only David Marquez!

David talks to us about what it is like working on this property and what the different is between Miles Morales and Peter Parker as well as what the future holds for Miles and one Super Soldier in the Ultimate Universe.

We also find out little bit more about his upcoming book from Archaia in 2013, speaking of three's did you know it's in 3-D? Well for that and a lot more from the brilliant David Marquez stick around for our ongoing coverage of Comic Con 2012!


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