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It's a popular theory that part of Spider-Man's appeal is that his full-facial mask makes him very identifiable as an everyman hero: it could be literally anybody under that mask and we'd have no way of knowing it. Dan Slott played it for laughs in the page at right, where Spider-Man claimed to be black in order to play a courtroom prank on J. Jonah Jameson.

Well, we're about to get a much more literal taste of that on Disney XD's Ultimate Spider-Man, when Miguel "Spider-Man 2099" O'Hara and Miles "Ultimate Spider-Man" Morales join the cast in a move that mirrors the Spider-Verse story that's happening in the comics and the Spider-Man Unlimited mobile game. Agent Venom, Spider-Ham and Spider-Girl are also pictured in the promotional image at top, which ran in USA Today.

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Ultimate Comics Spider-Man’s Mile Morales and his first TV appearance. Episode 21 of season 1, plot is that Midtown High is putting on a play all about Spider-man, Coulson is in charge of this and when Peter tries to find out if he will be playing himself he learns he is actually Coulson’s fifth choice right after Miles Morales. Now yes this makes no sense because in the Ultimate Marvel uninverse Miles is 13 years old and goes to a private school plus here he looks much older compared to Peter. Now this show is on Disney so we know they will not ever have a hero shot, murdered and replaced, but this is a nice little easter egg that I am glad I caught. (Taken with Instagram) [SOURCE]


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