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A few tidbits from NYCC about Miles, in addition to the above cover:

Marvel Senior Editor Mark Paniccia says Miles is “exceptionally smart kid,” but not genius-level. When asked if he was smarter than Peter, he clarified, “No — that was the point of the distinction. Peter Parker invented web shooters and web fluid, and that was said to be something Miles wouldn't be able to do.”

Spider-Men falls between Divided We Fall and United We Stand, continuity-wise. Pannicia also confirmed more on the Ultimate Beetle will likely be coming up in 2013 in “Ultimate Spider-Man.” [SOURCE]

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Well, probably not, but Jim Cheung's cover for Spider-Men #4 features a beaten down Miles Morales in the arms of Peter Parker! Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso also comments on the ramifications of the series and the choice of Mysterio as villain.

"There's no point in doing a story of this scope if nothing comes of it," teases Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso in an interview with Newsarama. "Epic stories almost always do something to change the characters or the universe of the characters. You can assume this story will have ramifications, for either or both of the characters. Will we revisit that line between the Ultimate Universe and the Marvel Universe? There might be clues in the story." Pretty intriguing, eh?

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It has been four months since the world met Miles Morales, the half Puerto Rican, half African American successor of the beloved character Peter Parker aka Spiderman. The death of Parker was a gamble for Marvel on its own, but to replace the iconic character with a biracial city kid from Brooklyn was one of the biggest moments in Marvel history. Now that the initial hype has died down, Fox News Latino decided to check in on our new friendly neighborhood superhero and the Editor in Chief of Marvel Comics, Axel Alonso, who is half Mexican American.

Q: Four months and five issues later, how has the new Spiderman been received?
People have clearly embraced Miles the way they embraced Peter Parker. They are getting the point and they are getting him, so far so good.

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On the Ultimate Spidey front, SpiderX had two queries, starting with, "Now that Miles has finally donned his costume, I'm sure we will see a lot of heroic antics. I'm curious as to when we will see Miles interact with his family more? He had a very touching scene with his father in issue 2, but we haven't really seen him interact with his mother outside of issue 1. Also I noticed they weren't wearing wedding rings. Are his parents married?"

Yes, SpiderX, Miles' parents are married. And family relationships will play heavy in this series -- they're one of the things [writer] Brian [Bendis] does best. There's a great scene with Miles' mom in issue #6 (in stores Jan 18th), stuff with Miles' dad on the near-horizon, and some really intense stuff building up with another family member you've already been introduced to.

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