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On May 15, Marvel Comics' "Ultimate Spider-Man" #23 saw creative team Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez pick up with Miles Morales one year after the death of his mother in the previous issue -- and Miles hasn't put on the webs since his mother's death. While many readers knew about the time-jump in advance, that wasn't all the surprises Bendis and Marquez had in store -- the issue brought the first Ultimate introductions of Kate Bishop and the duo of Cloak and Dagger, as well as the reintroduction of an old, familiar face from Peter Parker's days as the Ultimate web-slinger.

To shed some light on the latest developments in this week's issue, CBR spoke with the Marvel editor in charge of the Ultimate line, Mark Paniccia, about bringing new characters into the Ultimate Universe and what it means for the line moving forward. Plus, check out an exclusive first look at "Ultimate Comics Spider-Man" #24 interior art.

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Let’s keep it rolling with a trio of Ultimate Spidey questions from SpiderX. First he wanted to know, “How does Miles’ Venom Blast work? We saw him blow up a lego ship, stun people, send it through web in Spider-Men and it doesn’t play well with electronics. Is it tactile only?”
The way I’ve looked at it is as a neurotoxin that Miles is learning how to control as he gains more experience. Depending on threat level or emotional state, the chemical combination gets more volatile and can disrupt the target on a molecular level. No? Okay, I tried.

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A few tidbits from NYCC about Miles, in addition to the above cover:

Marvel Senior Editor Mark Paniccia says Miles is “exceptionally smart kid,” but not genius-level. When asked if he was smarter than Peter, he clarified, “No — that was the point of the distinction. Peter Parker invented web shooters and web fluid, and that was said to be something Miles wouldn't be able to do.”

Spider-Men falls between Divided We Fall and United We Stand, continuity-wise. Pannicia also confirmed more on the Ultimate Beetle will likely be coming up in 2013 in “Ultimate Spider-Man.” [SOURCE]

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